Friday, July 20, 2012

It was  the best holiday!  I went to the wave pools with my cousin and my older cousin's boyfriend's sister . When we got to the pools, we went down the lazy river, it was awesome. Then we played tag and I was in. I chased them down the lazy river, down the slide, through the waves and finally I got my cousin on the slide. I was so tired. I got out and went and sat next to my bag and had a drink.

When I got back in the pool, my cousin sneaked up behind me and tagged me. He ran up the stairs back to the slide. But he did not know there was a line (just a  short one) . There were three people waiting to go down the slide, so I ran up tagged him then he tagged me back then I tagged him and jumped onto the slide after the three people in front off us went down. My cousin was laughing and he jumped onto the slide after me. I went as fast as i could. When i got to the end of the slide I went back up the stairs and waited to go down. I thought my cousin was coming after me again but he did not, he went and got my older cousin's boyfriend's sister and she came running up the stairs laughing. My cousin was so tired. When the people in front of me went i had to wait for the green light but I just went down and she was still in.

After that fun time we went and had lunch at Mcdonalds then we went home and played with the dog and then played cricket.