Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My first day at swimming

On a nice beautiful day we went to the courts for swimming. We saw Mr Burton for the second time. First we had to go and get changed. Then we went in to the tent and waited for the girls to come, because girls always take ages. When we were ready to go in to the pool we had to wash our feet in a bucket before we went in to the pool. I was the second one to get in the pool in my group. When we got in to the pool we had to hold on to the side of the pool it was so warm that I thought that I was in bed. Then Mr Burton said to swim to the other side of the pool. Then he told us one by one to swim back to the other side of the pool he said if you don't know how to swim walk. After that we played a game called captain’s coming he told us to come in the middle of the pool. Finally he told us how to play then we had to go back and fourth to each side of the pool. After going back and fourth he said scrub the deck so everyone had to scrub the bottom of the pool. After an awesome game of captain’s coming Mr Burton told everyone to come up to the steps. Then he told us to get in to a group of two. I was with Salamona. We had to float on top of the water. If our partner could not do it we had to help them. Finally our time was over, we had to get out of the pool and then it felt like I was in Antarctica. By Dalaney

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Birthday

On a awesome day it was my birthday. I got up at 7am in the morning then my auntie text my mum and said do you want to go out for breakfast. I said yes and she said wait 10 minutes. So I went to get changed and waited for my auntie to come. Then my auntie came and picked me up and we went to MC Donald's. My auntie got porridge I got a bacon and egg mcmuffin and a hot chocolate. Then we went to the market to look around. After that we went to pak ‘n’ save to buy my cousins school lunchs. Then she took me back home and said happy birthday. When I got home I went inside and waited till 12pm to go to Valentines. After that we went to Valentines at Pakuranga when we got there we had to pay before we went in. We went to get some food I got ham, chips, chicken and sushi. Then I went to the table to eat. My food was delicious. When we finished we went and got dessert I got ice cream and jelly that was delicious too. Then I went to the gaming room and my Mum gave me 2 dollars. I almost won a ball it was a nrl ball. It was the bull dogs ball. After that we went home. First we went and dropped my dad off home and we went back to pak ‘n’ save. I did not want to go in, so I stayed in the car with my sister and was listening to my speaker box. I really enjoyed my holidays.
The end.