Wednesday, December 7, 2011


narative Tiger was watching his favourite TV show, Sponge Bob Square Pants, it was his favourite show ever. He never missed any part. Everyday with popcorn, chips and a drink he would sit and watch. Tiger was the most powerful hero out of all good heroes. As Tiger the super hero was watching TV in the afternoon, the news came on, he was shocked to see that Beast, the most evil Villain in the world was trying to destroy the world. So Tiger went and got changed quickly. He went to the city and when he got there he said that it was very cold and windy because Beast had already started his tornado to destroy the world. Tiger shot his laser at Beast to stop his tornado, but it did not work so they both flew up into the sky and they both were getting blown away because the wind was too strong. Tiger tried his hardest to fight the evil beast. Thankfully Tiger just flew straight through the wind and shot a laser at Beast. Beast started another tornado. Both powers were shooting at each other, but both of their attacks stopped in the middle rebounding off each other. Tiger shot more laser at him but he just made his tornado stronger! Tiger was still shooting lasers at him. “Why wont you give up?” “Because I am not going to give up you are not that strong.” So Beast just made his tornado even stronger. Then Tiger had to use his special weapon in his back pocket. No one in the world knew that he had a special weapon. He pulled the special weapon, it was a gun that shoots out flaming balls. He shot one at Beast. Beast just fell down and was not to be seen ever again.

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