Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Punchinello story

Once upon a time there was a little wooden person created by a man called Eli. Once Punchinello the wooden person had heaps of dots on him. Then he tried to jump but he because his wood was rough and his paint was cracked he could not jump at all. After that he saw a girl Lucia. She had no dots at all. So he went and asked her why don't the stickers sick on to her. It is easy go and see Eli every day and believe in him. Then he went home and looked out the window and saw the all the other wemmicks and their stickers. So he went to visit Eli. When he got he wanted to go back home until Eli stopped him and talked to him. He asked Eli about Lucia she was the that told me about you. The stickers don't stick on her because she doesn't worry about what others think she only worries about what I think. Eli said I made you and I love you trust me and the stickers won't matter to you anymore. When Punchinello left a dot fell off him.

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