Thursday, April 3, 2014

My awesome experience in ROTORUA

My most happiest time in Rotovegas was finally getting to rotorua. the ride was so long and boring. Also It smelt very bad. it smelled because off the sopher That was my first time in rotorua. The first thing we did was driving around trying to look for our holiday home. We stayed there for 1 whole week.

My most boring time was  on the way down to Rotorua. Because it was so hot and my sister was annoying me and i was starting to get angry.It felt like the ride was never going to end.

My fun part of my holiday was going on the luge. the luge is an awesome ride where you race down a steep hill in a kart that can fit one adult and toddler. You have to be 6 and up to ride down in your own kart. There are also 3 stages to ride the first one is could scenic the second one is intermediate and a the last and most thrilling one is Advanced.
I was so awesome I was speeding down the track like a racing car driver.

My sad part was leaving Rotorua. I was sad to leave Rotorua because I had so much fun that whole week and it felt like home.

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